11 Signs Your Louis Vuitton Handbag is FAKE! [Part 1]

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Who wants a Louis Vuitton handbag? Founded in 1854 (a whopping 165 years ago!!!), Louis Vuitton now operates in 50 countries with more than 460 stores worldwide! With such a spread across the globe, its popularity and trust is unquestionable!

Beautifully designed and limited in stocks, many want to carry a piece of Louis Vuitton. Sadly, a small group of people, with the intention of profiting through deceit, have been producing large volumes of fake Louis Vuitton bag. Just a quick search on Etsy for "Fake Louis Vuitton Bag" will herald a number of top ranking sellers pricing Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for only $60 WITH FREE DELIVERY! Boy have the fakers done their research, because according to this article from Who What Wear, the Neverfull MM tops the popularity list!

If you are reading up till here and have not clicked on that Etsy link above, give yourself a pat on the shoulder! Why waste your time looking at fake Louis Vuitton handbags? Let's be realistic, not everyone buys their LV from retail outlets. The preloved handbag market is vast and huge. Not only do we not want to waste our own time viewing fake Louis Vuitton, we MUST make sure we do not waste our hard earned money!

So here's what you came here for.... 

11 Signs Your Louis Vuitton Handbag is FAKE! [Part 1]!

1. Handle "Protection"

Tissue wrapped handles on fake Louis Vuitton Bags
Image from bbc.com

Any bag that has tissue, soft paper or polyethene wrapped around the handles, STAY AWAY FROM THEM! 

The leather on a genuine Louis Vuitton is darker on a vintage collection than that on a contemporary piece. Because the handle is made from leather, it should feel dry.

If it feels oily or slippery, there's a high chance it has been artificially coated to give it a leathery shine.

Which explains why many of these fakes have tissue wrapping around their handles - to protect the fake coating that would otherwise rub off when many customers pick them up for a look!


2. Stitching 

Louis Vuitton Handbag Stitching
Image from racked.com

Look closely at the stitchings. Do you see a difference? Let's train your eyes a little here before we reveal the answer.

Carefully observe the stitchings on the left image. You can see that each thread follows a straight path to the next. Very neat and tidy.

Now look at the stitchings on the right. The thread spacing is uneven and crooked. The stitches are also pressing too tightly on the leather, giving the dark leather a very flat look, making it feel cheap.  Compare this with the left image, where the dark leather has a lifted contour within the stitched area, giving it an elegant luxurious texture.

3. Zipper Trim 

Louis Vuitton Handbag Zipper Trim
Image from racked.com

To reduce material costs, fakes usually have a small trim like those seen on the left side of the image. The small trim not only withstands lesser strain on from the zipper when the user pulls it, it also creates stretch creases on the leather tab. Genuine Louis Vuitton bags will feather larger trims. Obviously this will be more lasting, which is why genuine LV bags are expensive - they last longer!



Did any of these 3 points make you nervous about your bag? If you are still confident that your Louis Vuitton bag is genuine, we'll be touching on more tell tale signs that your bag is a fake LV!

Look out for our next post!

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